What We Do

We deliver a range of services to facilitate and support digital innovation & transformation in the private and public sector. Our aim is to work with you to deliver transformative impact for your business by aligning people, processes and culture & technology to yield effective digital environments, infrastructure and applications.  We help you to innovate.


Our services prepare and equip you for your digital future in terms of intellectual capital, digital capability & maturity and measures that result in long-term digital success.


Whether you are a new start-up company or a well-established business we can re-energise your thinking, accelerate your innovation, and help drive forward your development. 


We provide a range of consultancy services for organisations from across the adoption and transformation spectrum - from early-stage/embryonic adopters through to those with deeper levels of organisational experience and learning in ‘digital’. These services include:

Assisting with preparing and writing funding applications & bids.

Bids and Funding
Business Diagnostics

Undertaking a diagnostic inspection and audit of current local models and practice of working in context of digital aspirations & potential transformation.

Data Science
Delivery Support

Data Science – we can help you harness the power of big data using advanced statistical techniques and a range of analytical tools to provide actionable insights to support organisational policies or business decision making.  ​  


We can support and broker inter-agency dialogue to ensure effective and meaningful communication that eliminates complexity, harmonises mind-sets to create re-assuring mutual understanding, and the accurate creation and interpretation of specifications for digital transformation.  We can help deliver elements of local digital roadmaps – accelerating progress where needed and turn your digital aspirations into reality.

Digital Strategy
Expert Opinion

Creating digital transformation strategies, frameworks for implementation, and associated policies & codes of practice.  These provide the core elements of your transformation programme.



Providing expert opinion & bridging knowledge gaps, helping you to influence, negotiate, and present your case. 


External Advisors

Acting in an external advisory capacity and as critical friends in stakeholder meetings and on your recruitment programmes - becoming part of your interview panels as needed.

Product & Service Concept Evaluation

You may be incubating a new digital innovation or taking the next steps in business development and diversification. We can provide an independent evaluation and provide an analysis of feasibility, strengths & weaknesses.

Research & Investigation

Undertaking research into technologies, systems, and models of practice to enhance digital capability and delivery – effectively becoming your ‘research arm’.


Developing software prototypes to demonstrate proof of concept & maintaining or enhancing current software.  We can convert your concepts into reality.

Thought Leadership in Digital Innovation & Transformation

Thought Leadership in digital transformation – providing strategic-level support, advice, and mentoring to Senior Leadership Teams, Transformation Boards, and Digital Workstream Programme Boards.  We can help to shape your thinking and vision.  We can help you to innovate.

Training & Development

Undertaking workforce digital diagnostics & training needs analysis to determine the state of individual and organisational digital capability.

Supporting your employee training & development teams to help create training programmes that enhance the digital knowledge, skills & capability of your staff – helping you to create a ‘digital ready’ workforce.

Supporting the review, re-engineering & re-mapping of existing in-house training provision to professional body frameworks that require evidence of the embedding of digital capabilities.

Construction of campaigns to engage employees with the organisation's digital practice and construction of case studies to demonstrate good practice in digital capability, adoption and use.

Troubleshooting and Catalysing

Providing a troubleshooting function, and acting in a catalytic capacity to identify and eliminate inertia – providing ‘last mile’ capability to programme teams where needed.

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