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    About Us

    We’re all about digital innovation & transformation and smart solutions that yield positive transformative impact – we’re a digital innovation consultancy.  We can work in a range of market areas and application domains across sectors.  Our knowledge and skills are transferrable.

    Technomadic Digital comprises a team of Consultants and Associates.  We have directly-relevant knowledge/expertise, skills & experience, and strong leadership & management.  The business is underpinned by collective credibility, proven capability, and creative energy.

    Technomadic Digital - Digital Consultancy
    Khawar Hameed
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    Khawar has over 27 years of experience in the field of Computing.  His background is in Information Systems, Digital Strategy & Transformation, and Mobile Computing.

    Technomadic Digital - Digital Consultancy
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    Tunde has over 13 years of experience in computing and statistical data analysis.  His key area of knowledge is Applied Statistics & Data Science. 

    Advisory Board
    Techonmadic Digital - Digital Consultancy
    Carl Dudley
    Emeritus Professor
    Technomadic Digital - Digital Consultancy
    Clair Hameed
    Programme Manager
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    Carl holds the post of Emeritus Professor in Database Technology.  He has been active within the Oracle environment for the last 30 years, being a director of the UK Oracle User Group and speaking regularly at international conferences since 1991.

    Clair has experience in helping to create and sustain new & existing businesses as part of a wider campaign to encourage economic growth and stability in the West Midlands region, UK. 

    Technomadic Digital - Digital Consultancy
    Peter Kevern
    Associate Professor
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    Peter has a background in Philosophical Theology and Religious Studies.  The fusion of his background, knowledge & experience with ‘digital’ allows him to bring a unique perspective to the dynamics and understanding of the human-digital discourse.